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FREE Crochet Face Mask (Four Sizes)


PLEASE NOTE THIS FACE MASK MAY NOT PROTECT YOU FROM CORONAVIRUS. It is believed that ANY face covering is better than none. Using a filter will increase its effectiveness. Always wash your mask after wearing it.


I've never imagined that in my career as a crochet designer that someday I'd be creating a face mask to wear during a pandemic. Unimanigeable reality, but we are creative beings and we can adapt. Best, we can use our craft skills more than ever to fulfill our time, to help others, you name it.

If you are like me and a bit challenged as far as sewing goes, a crocheted face covering is an alternative to a fabric mask.

My first attempt crocheting a mask quickly showed me that it had a few problems:

1- It was too hot and uncomfortable (I used acrylic yarn), and it wouldn't stay in place around my "schnauzer" or my son's tiny button nose.

2- I needed to include a filter to make the mask reusable and more efficient.

So... what's a crochet designer to do? Fix the kinks and make it work!

First, I changed the yarn to our Bonita Yarns Cotton Dream (sport weight, 50% cotton and 50% bamboo) and Cotton Shades (sport weight, 100% cotton). These yarns are extra soft, durable, easy to disinfect and comfortable to wear in any season. 


Next, I gave the mask a close fit, with special shaping around the nose to avoid it falling off the face. Finally, I added options to insert a filter (paper towels, coffee filter, HEPA vacuum filter, multi-use cloth, etc.).

I've been using washable multi-cloth I got at a dollar store as a filter. 

I have been crocheting lots of these masks for family, friends and essential workers. I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did. If you make them, I'd love to see your post on our exclusive Facebook group Bonita Patterns CALs or #bonitapatterns on social media so we can see your projects.

On a side note... I have adopted a new greeting suitable to nowadays:

"Live Long and Prosper!"

I added a Flamingo applique and called this one the "B'Morian" in honor of Baltimoreans fighting these tough virus.