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Embossed Transformer Dress

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 ABOUT THIS PATTERN: This crochet pattern creates a stunning dress featuring a gradient design that transitions from light lavender to deep purple. The dress showcases intricate, embossed floral and leaf motifs on the bodice, adding texture and elegance. The skirt portion is designed with an open, lacy pattern that enhances the flow and drape of the garment.

Comments from the designer

If there’s one thing I cherish as a crafter is to be able to tweak a pattern to fit my body shape and taste. Because of this, as a designer, I try to use constructions that you can also customize it with not much fuss. Thus, I created a “Transformer Dress”.

This pattern is versatile enough that you can make changes on its length, sleeves and even stitches elements to make it into a top or a dress with ease.

In the supplies list I give you the yarn specifications for making it a top, or a dress, so you can choose your project and supplies accordingly.

I can’t wait to see your creations!






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