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Crocodile M1 - #045 - Set of 3 Stitch Markers - Bonita Patterns

Crocodile M1 - #045 - Set of 3 Stitch Markers

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Set of 3 Stitch Markers for Crochet or Knitting with a Crocodile theme design.

The "Queen of Crocodile Stitch", Lianka Azulay, was honored by her mom with a beautiful collection of stitch markers featuring her trademark stitch.

These fun and gorgeous stitch markers are a fine addition to your craft toolbox and even your jewelry box!

You can even double these markers as charms on bracelets and necklaces by attaching them to your jewelry!

100% handmade and designed with much love and care by our jewelry designer Rachel Azulay.

A must-have treat for yourself or a lovely gift for a crafty friend.

Who can resist these "puppies"?

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