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Will Seabrook's Bio

Will SeabrookBehind every great woman there's a man in awe of her, and for Lianka, that man is:


Will Seabrook, BS, MS, DHaF, YD, THSA, CIO, MCM, GLL, UOG, DG. 

There he is, to the left of this sentence. 


He so qualified, eh?  He is a generalist who performs all sorts of critical and super-important jobs around Bonita Patterns. And, while he does indeed have a B.S. and M.S.  degrees in Computer Science (from U of MD and Johns Hopkins) he has a string of many more important and impressive degrees and certifications, such as:

  • Devoted Husband and Father
  • Yarn Detangler
  • Two-Handed Skeining Assistant
  • CIO (that is, the Desktop, Laptop, and Network Support Team) 
  • Master Coffee Maker
  • General Load Lifter
  • Uninformed Opinion Giver (This is one of his greatest talents!)
  • Dinner Griller

While not engaged in one or more of above primary endeavors, he does moonlight as a scientific computing systems engineer at places such as NASA, Advanced Micro Devices, The National Human Genome Research Institute at NIH, and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, where he currently spends his non-Bonita Patterns work time pretending to be worthy.  

He is a little star-struck, knows many super-famous people and won't hesitate to name-drop them.  for instance, with almost no prodding he will tell you about his close personal friends, Ritchie Muntwax, Archie Feemerslapper.  Yes, they really are friends with him!   Hard to believe that such lofty stars as the  main backup singer for Menudo and the assistant cockroach wrangler on the movie Joe's Apartment would be friends with a regular guy like Will, but there you go, a testament to Will's magnetic charisma!

Oh, one final hobby of his....when Will is bored, he likes to log in to his wife's website and edit his own bio.