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Will Seabrook's Bio

Will SeabrookBehind every great woman there's a man in awe of her, and for Lianka, that man is Will Seabrook DHaF, YD., THSA., CIO., MCM., GLL., UOG., DG.. 

Along with his wonderful and made-for-him role as Devoted Husband and Father, he is a generalist who performs all sorts of odd jobs around Bonita Patterns, with qualifications and certifications (as listed above) such as:

--Yarn Detangler
--Two-Handed Skeining Assistant
--CIO (aka the Desktop, Laptop, and Network Support Team) 
--Master Coffee Maker
--General Load Lifter
--(Very) Uninformed Opinion Giver 
--Dinner Griller

While not engaged in the above primary endeavors, he moonlights as a computer scientist and scientific computing subject matter expert and business developer, for places such as NASA, Advanced Micro Devices, and The National Human Genome Research Institute.  He is also currently a (somewhat belated) graduate student at Johns Hopkins, studying computer science and bioinformatics.