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Rachel Azulay's Bio

Rachel Azulay Originally from Brazil, Rachel Azulay has over 30 years of experience in fashion and jewelry design and brings to her crochet designs the same conception of couture and style that made her “Rachel Azulay” brand a success in Brazil. Her collection of crocheted garments use carefully chosen materials and techniques to produce great fitting, flair and simplicity on execution. Her goal is to help crocheters branch out and make beautiful clothing that they will feel proud to make and to wear, in a stress-free way. “If you can make a scarf or a baby blanket, you can crochet my designs with no trouble,” says Rachel. In addition to her fashion-forward garment collection, Rachel is soon to launch a revolutionary line of crochet jewelry. She borrowed from her extensive experience in designing many other kinds of jewelry to create crocheted pieces with alternative materials and quality finishing that often resembles fine jewelry.