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Michelle Arellano's Bio

Michelle ArellanoMichelle is a lover of all things crafty. She started out crocheting as a hobby in her early 30s after having her twin girls. That hobby quickly turned into a desire to learn all should could about anything to do with fiber arts. Crocheting led to knitting which led to hand painting yarn and so forth. Michelle will try any craft without giving any importance to how difficult or advanced it may appear to be. She says the most profound thing that crocheting has taught her is to "just keep going. No matter how little you understand what you are matter how strange your hands feel with the hook or matter if it doesn't look quite right, just keep going and it will eventually come together and make sense." 

As part of Bonita Patterns Michelle takes care of all our newsletters, shops, contests, and social media. She and Lianka are the main folks you will be speaking to on our Facebook page and blog. You can shoot her an email to if you have any questions, need any help, or just want to chat about some fiber goodness.