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Janet Smith's Bio


Janet was born in Wichita, Kansas, but didn’t stay there long.  Her parents liked to move all over the country.  She never went to one school for an entire year until she was a junior in high school.  She graduated 6 months early because she studied hard and earned enough credits so she didn’t have to go to another new school!  Summers were spent with her grandparents in Wichita.  When she was 8 years old, her grandmother taught her to make granny squares.  She made them for an entire year and took them with her the next summer to learn how to join them.  She still has that huge blanket.  Her grandmother, blind for the last few years of her life, crocheted until she passed away at age 96.  Janet has the last afghan her grandmother made.  Life comes full circle. The internet and availability of amazing patterns, challenged Janet to learn every crochet stitch ever imagined.  She has made almost all of the Bonita Patterns.  Her favorite is the crocodile stitch boots in every size. In addition to her love of crochet, Janet is a full-time legal assistant, has two children and 10 grandchildren, she also loves animals, history and books.  She has been married for 34 years.  She says the secret to a long marriage is the ability to hide her yarn stash in the laundry room because her husband doesn’t know where she keeps the washer and dryer. Janet lives in Michigan in a 150 year old farm house that is featured in local history books.  She dreams of the day when she can live the crochet way of life full-time.

Janet provides pattern support and is our technical editor.  She loves to help people make beautiful things from yarn.