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Nine Years of CROCHETUDE an Anniversary Celebration

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."

I took a risk on a dream... and because of YOU, I live my passion. To thank you for taking this wild and textured trip with me. I am forever grateful and humbled by all the joy and support you have granted me.

It was with much love and appreciation that I put together this FREE E-book with NINE , I put together this ebook with patterns for small, quick and relatively easy projects to encourage you to make lots of unique projects to gift, sell and donate for those in need.

... As an extra bonus... I'm also offering a RARE 20% OFF entire order, so you can save while contributing to my personal career celebration, as I'm plotting a day of spa massages to restore my much painful wrists and shoulders. 

Just teasing! You are not required to purchase to get your FREE ebook, If you do, I surely appreciate your business :-).

I'll surely appreciate it if all of you share the link (not the pdf, please) with you crochet friends and social media groups while the book is F*R*E*E.