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Christmas Project Preparations

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I’m going to do something crazy.

I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. But I saw on Facebook the other day that there are only 7 more Mondays until Christmas (!!!!!) and…well, I just couldn’t help myself. Prepare yourselves…


Time to start your holiday crochet preparations!

I know, it’s crazy, right? But I’m the type of person who kind of does Christmas shopping all year round and so I’m usually just about done with everyone’s gifts by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. Being a college student has certainly changed that, but I still like to start getting into the spirit as soon as my calendar switches to November! Also, it’s my favorite holiday of the year, so maybe I’m just overly excited…

Our pattern business starts to seriously pick up around this time because so many Bonita creations make really great gifts. I’m going to show you how to add a holiday twist to a couple of our most popular patterns so you won’t be scrambling for ideas at the last minute!


Reimagine our bestselling crocodile booties with a holiday theme! I’m all about our Cascade collection and its gorgeous deep shades, like this perfectly Christmas-y green. For an added touch of originality, these wooden tree buttons are super adorable and so cheap! 50 buttons for less than 5 bucks shipped? I’ll take a million, please.

I think that these would be the perfect accessory for a chilly Christmas morning and some cute pictures with the family!

  1. Bonita Patterns Adult Crocodile Booties
  2. Cascade Yarns 220 in Highland Green
  3. 50 Wooden Tree Buttons from


Next, how about something for yourself? Gotta keep those crochet fingers cozy and warm. I think that our Crocodile Wristwarmers would look excellent with a little holiday makeover, don’t you? I picked our Angora Shimmer (I can’t help it, it’s so sparkly!) in the burgundy shade, with some adorable tree-and-snowflake charms to dangle off of it. I like that the silver of the charms matches the silver metallic threading of the yarn. You’ll be so shiny, Santa will want you to guide his sleigh tonight…is it too early for Christmas jokes? Yes? Oh well.

  1. Bonita Patterns Crocodile Wristwarmers
  2. Bonita Yarns Angora Shimmer in Burgundy Metal Shades
  3. 40 Silver Tone Christmas Charms from


Maybe you’ve got a new mom and a new little one in your life this holiday season and you’re looking for the perfect unique gift for both of them! Kill two birds with one stone with our extremely popular Goldfish Booties—now in adult and baby sizes. The Dream Baby Tangerine Degrade yarn is in high demand for these little guys, so be sure to get your hands on enough for these projects! Wouldn’t these be adorable for a photo session with momma and baby? You’ll definitely have the most unique gift under the tree!

  1. Bonita Patterns Adult Goldfish Booties
  2. Bonita Patterns Baby Goldfish Booties
  3. Bonita Yarns Dream Baby Tangerine Degrade

Be sure to subscribe to our blog mailing list and follow us on social media to keep getting updates throughout the Christmas season! We have a LOT of great things planned and I am really excited to share them with you. As always, I’d love to hear from you at with any submissions or questions.

Enjoy your week!

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