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Top 10 French Crochet Blogs

Posted by Lianka on

Top 10 Crochet Blogs in France

By Gaelle Gonzales, French correspondent.

Not only the word Crochet derived from the French term “crochet”, meaning small hook, France has a long history with producing great works of fashion and art. Our international correspondent, crochet lover and translator, Gaelle Gonzales, is guiding us through what’s popular among Franco-crocheters.

Gaelle will also help our French speaking readers by translating our free patterns into French! Oh la la!

Here are the top 10 French Crochet Blogs according Gaelle:

Note: When checking blogs’ links, click “translate” when Google asks you on a dialog box. It won’t translate everything, but will translate most of it. Giving you a great gist of what the content is about.

1 – Isabelle Kessedjian, blog “My Crochet Doll

Isabelle is a multi-talented crafter who includes not only her crochet work, but drawings, illustrations and several crafts projects.

She has a weekly series called “the serial crocheteuse” where she announces a weekly theme and volunteer readers contribute their works to the blog.

She has tons of free patterns. Some of favorites are:

Smart Phone case Instagram Logo Free Pattern (Pattern is available in English. Click link, scroll down page and after French version you’ll find the English version of this pattern).


2 – Blog : Zak a Dit : Créatif tu seras


Zak is a fun parisian crafter. He crochets, knits, draws, sews, dances with a communicative cheerfulness.

3- Blog : Facilececile

It’s a common trait among crochet bloggers in France to blog about more than one fiber arts they love. Like Isabelle and Zak, Cecile is also talented in many other crafts. In addition to beautiful works in crochet she is an amazing embroiderer.

You can find Cecile’s works here :


4- Blog : Barjolaine

Barjolaine is a knitter and crocheter designer, she wrote three books about crochet. With natural and simplicity, she shares her talent here :


5 – Blog : Anisbee

She is a crochet designer who’s blog if filled with beautiful and modern crochet designs. Great photography and attention to detail.

6- Blog : Tournicote à Cloche Pied

Sandrine Deveze is the author of a couple of crochet books : Tendre Croche 1 and 2. Her blog has also great photography and samples of her works with sewing and doll making.

7 – Blog : Entrecrochet 

Amélie blogs imaginative and funny designs of amigurumis and softies, layettes and accessories.


8 – Blog : Marygurumi

Marylin Delage also loves blogging about amigurumis. Check it out the Crocodile Stitch skirt she made for her duck amigurumi ! Wow ! A favorite of Bonita Patterns, for sure !

9- Blog : Oh La Vache !

Oh, La Vache! (meaning: Holy cow!) showcases Lovely whimsical crochet works like this Alice in the Wonderland amigurumi.

10- Blog : La Passion du Crochet

A blog filled with romantic crochet works and with great symbol charts : the international language of crochet.

I hope you visit these French bloggers and enjoy their beautiful works. Au revoir!


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Gaëlle Gonzales is a French crafter, passionate of every kind of creative stuff since her teens. She also loves reading, drawing, cuddling with her animals and the gardenning. Curious and passionate, she travels the web looking for new styles and techniques. She lives in the French countryside with her three daughters, her husband and her creative bazaar, using any free moment to play with her threads.


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