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This week we will finish it up our Ruffled Victorian Cowl with lots and lots of “ruffle as you go”! At this point, our pattern becomes a no-frills, “meditative” type of crocheting that you can easily memorize in just a couple of rows. It is the perfect project to carry along on road trips, waiting rooms or while watching TV. The best about this project it’s that although it is is that even though it becomes “mindless” two-row technique, it produces a striking final piece that looks certainly more advanced than it is.

To recap what we have done so far, you can follow our Part One, where we worked the ribbed neck section, a round of ruffles and the first row of ruffles.


A “Ruffle-as-you-Go Technique” – Part Two

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3 skeins of Bonita Yarns Merino Dream in Sunset Shades (Sport weight, 328 yards/ 300 m; 50% merino wool, 50% acrylic). You can purchase this yarn in several self-striping colors at my yarn shop:

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Tools & Notions

Size G crochet hook (4.00 mm)

Size H crochet hook (5.00 mm)

1 size 2” (50 mm) button or Brooch or shawl pin for closure (see notes)


Yarn needle



With G (4.00 mm) crochet hook in ribbed sc pattern: 9 sts and 10 rows = 2″



Beginning (beg)

Chain (ch)

Double Crochet (dc)

Repeat (rep)

Right Side (RS)

Single Crochet (sc)

Slip Stitch (sl st)

Space (sp)

Stitch (st)

Wrong Side (WS)

Yarn Over (yo)


Special Technique Used:

Crocheting One Row or Round Before Last – Just like its description, this technique requires that you crochet, where indicated, one row or round before the last row or round you crocheted. This can also be described as “crochet one row down”.


Directions for Ruffle-as-you-go section: 

Continuing from part one, where we endedat Row 116:

Row 117 (Mesh Row): FPdc around post of first dc one row before last, (this is row 115 or first mesh row), ch2, * dc in next ch-2 sp one row before last, ch 2 rep from * across to last dc of row 115, FPdc in last dc one row before last, sl st in last dc (from previous row 116); turn – (56 FPdc, 55 ch-2 sp).

Row 118 (Ruffle Row): Ch 3 (count as dc), 4 dc in first FPdc, * ch 2, skip next ch-2 sp, 5 dc in next FPdc in next FPdc, rep from * across (see pic I); turn – (280 dc, 110 ch-2 sp).

Row 119 (Mesh Row): Rep Row 117; turn – (57 FPdc, 56 ch-2 sp)

Row 120 (Ruffle Row): Rep Row 118; turn – (285 dc, 111 ch-2 sp)

Row 121 (Mesh Row): Rep Row 117; turn – (58 FPdc, 57 ch-2 sp)

Row 122 (Ruffle Row): Rep Row 118; turn – (290 dc, 112 ch-2 sp)

Row 123 (Mesh Row): Rep Row 117; turn – (59 FPdc, 58 ch-2 sp)

Row 124 (Ruffle Row): Rep Row 118; turn – (295 dc, 113 ch-2 sp)

You can Purchase an ad-free PDF file of this pattern and other popular patterns from our Crochet Alongs for here:

Row 125 (Mesh Row): Rep Row 117; turn – (60 FPdc, 59 ch-2 sp)

Row 126 (Ruffle Row): Rep Row 118; turn – (300 dc, 114 ch-2 sp)

Row 127 (Mesh Row): Rep Row 119; turn – (61 FPdc, 60 ch-2 sp)

Row 128 (Ruffle Row): Rep Row 118; turn – (305 dc, 115 ch-2 sp)

Row 129 (Mesh Row): Rep Row 119; turn – (62 FPdc, 61 ch-2 sp)

Row 130 (Ruffle Row): Rep Row 118; Fasten off – (310 dc, 116 ch-2 sp)

Customization Tip:

Should you wish to increase the length of your cowl, continue repeating rows 118 and 119, until you reach the desired length. Always end project on a row 118, or a row of ruffles.


Button hole (optional) – Sew on large button on opposite side to button hole on ribbed sc section of neck (try on cowl to choose best button placement). Fasten off. Weave in all ends. If you opt to not make button hole in Row 105, you can close the cowl with a brooch or shawl pin.

I hope you enjoyed our Ruffled Victorian Cowl and its no-endless-weaving-in-ends technique and keep checking our blog for more fun and unique designs or sign up to our mailing list HERE.

Questions? Com join us on our Facebook Group where we enjoy some amazing conversations, help each other with questions and enjoy V.I.P. prizes and special treats. You can join the Bonita Patterns CALs group HERE.

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