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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids!

Posted by Lianka on

Maybe it’s a bit early to start thinking about Halloween, but for me, as soon as the calendar hits October 1st I am out at the craft store buying as many Halloween decorations as my arms can carry. I absolutely love this season, and I particularly love Halloween! Besides trying to eat as many different pumpkin-flavored foods as humanly possible or seeing how many skeleton decorations I can hide in the living room without my roommate noticing, I’ve been trying to come up with a great costume for this year’s festivities. It’s kind of hard to be creative with costumes these days given how easy it is to run to the party store, buy one (and three bags of assorted candy…and a glow in the dark pumpkin…you know) and call it a day.

But who am I kidding? I’ll agonize over it for the next 3 weeks, panic at the last second and slap on my trusty witch hat—which is exactly what happened last year. And the year before, probably. But I digress.

We were chatting at Bonita Patterns HQ about Halloween costumes and we realized that we actually have a lot of great costume ideas just sitting around disguised as regular patterns! After a quick breeze through the kids section of our site, we came up with a couple of great ideas. I tried to make sure that none of these costumes ended up costing over $30, so you won’t be tempted to just give up and buy the party store alternative!


This amazing fishbowl costume comes to us from Real Simple and it is totally hilarious and creative! All it takes to make is some craft foam, construction paper and that balance ball that you never ended up using to exercise with. Toss in our brand-new Goldfish Booties and a scuba mask and you’ll be SWIMMING in compliments. Ha!

Scuba Mask – $5.95
Exercise Ball – $9.99
Goldfish Booties Pattern – $5.95 & Dream Baby Tangerine Degrade – $5.50
Total Cost: $27.39


I am such a sucker for baby costumes. For this one, I was inspired by those famous Anne Geddes photographs of babies in flowerpots. Too cute, and so simple to make! Pick up one of our Crocodile Stitch Flower Hats, grab some miscellaneous gardening supplies and you’re all set! This would also be cute if you made it in red and swapped out the watering can for some strawberry seeds!

Giant Flower Pot – $10.41
Watering Can – $4.88
Crocodile Stitch Flower Hat – $5.50
Total Cost: $20.79


The sheer amount of princess costumes I owned as a child is astounding. My mom enabled my habit, and if she could crochet I definitely would have forced her to make this Rainbow Princess Dress. I had a lot of fun finding matching accessories and it definitely brought me back to the good old days of prowling Claire’s for the perfect princess accessories. You could also try the gorgeous white version of the Princess Dress if your little one is yearning for a Frozen costume!

Glitter Party Shoes – $10
Rainbow Crown – $4.50
Bonita Patterns Rainbow Princess Dress Pattern – $5.95 & Bonita Yarns Kaleidoscopic Yarn – $5.60
Total Cost: $26.05


This Red Riding Hood costume is great because your little one will be nice and toasty in our Hooded Cape while they’re out trick-or-treating! Plus, it’s a great piece to have in their wardrobe for the fall and winter anyway since it’s so cozy and versatile! Pair it with a simple patterned red dress, a basket for their goodies and off to Grandma’s they go!

Red Plaid Dress – $14
Picnic Basket – $5.99
Bonita Patterns Crocodile Stitch Hooded Cape Pattern – $5.95
Total Cost: $25.94

I hope that you enjoyed these, I had a lot of fun making them! What are you planning for your little one’s Halloween costume? I’d love to know!

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