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DIY Yarn Bow Hairclip (Video & Step-by-Step)

Posted by Lianka on

In the crochet world, there is one eternal unanswered question: “what on earth am I supposed to do with all of these yarn scraps?” Thankfully, I have an answer for you with this week’s super quick and easy video tutorial. We’re making hair clips this week using some supplies that you can probably scrounge up from around the house.


You will need:

  • A hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Medium-sized or small buttons
  • Snap-in hair clips
  • Yarn, of course! Any scraps will do.


Step 1: For my yarn bow, I made a rather large one for the purposes of the video. I used about 2-3 arm lengths of yarn.  Start by wrapping the yarn around your fingers, leaving the end loose. Experiment with the amount of fingers you wrap the yarn around: more fingers will make a larger bow, and less will make a small one. Don’t wrap the yarn too tight!


Step 2: This part is a little finicky (as you can see by my fumbling in the video!). Once you’re done wrapping, take the end of your yarn and start wrapping it around the center of the “loop” you have created around your fingers. This will make the center binding part of the bow. It doesn’t have to look perfect, but for the end result, try to tie together the 2 loose ends of the yarn (the one you started with and the one you ended with)


Step 3: Fluff it up a little bit and arrange it so that both sides of the bow are even. Take one of your buttons, apply some hot glue and hold it to the center of the bow until dry.


Step 4: Dab some hot glue on the end of your snap-in clip or hair accessory and hold the back of the bow to it until dry.


And voila! You’ve got a super cute hair accessory that makes use of your pesky yarn scraps. I like the color of this yarn since it’s so fall-appropriate but I think that it would look best in one of our color gradient yarns like the ones in our Dream Baby collection.

The great thing about this bow is its versatility. You could skip Step 4 and attach it to a beanie or headband as a finishing touch to your project, or even stick it on top of a gift for a cute yarny touch under your Christmas Tree! I hope you all enjoyed this quick tutorial and that you have a wonderful week and a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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