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DIY Halloween: Adult Crochet Costumes!

Posted by Lianka on

Halloween is getting closer and I’m getting a little nervous…not because of the spooky decorations or the giant displays of tempting Halloween candy at the grocery store, but rather because I’m still trying to figure out a killer costume for this year!

I’ve been browsing through Pinterest trying to get some ideas for a costume with a twist, and in the meantime I’ve discovered a ton of beautiful and creative crochet patterns that tie in perfectly with the biggest trends of the season. While they’re definitely above my crafting pay grade, I’m sure that some of our extraordinary readers will be more than happy to tackle the challenge.

I’m particularly excited about all of the superheroes and movie characters making an appearance this season at the top of the “trendy costume” list—according to the National Retail Federation’s 2015 Halloween Consumer Top Costume survey, Star Wars is at the very top of the list this year! Our amazing friends at Moogly have compiled a list of seriously cool (and free!) Star Wars crochet patterns. Whether your heart lies with the Empire or the Rebel Alliance, you’ll definitely find something unique for your Halloween attire. Here are my favorites:


  1. Yub Nub Scoodie by Kristen Stevenson on Ravelry
  2. Star Wars Droid Beanies by Jen Spears on Ravelry
  3. Adult Yoda Hat by Corina Gray on Stitch11

If you haven’t figured out already that I’m a pretty big nerd, this next costume idea will probably give me away: superheroes! Thanks to the rise in popularity of superhero movies like the Avengers, there are so many inspiring creations out there for whichever hero has your heart. However, I happened across this absolutely gorgeous free pattern by Craft Disasters for a lace mask and I couldn’t help but share it. It would be an amazing addition to a hero costume of your own creation! I like this one because it’s so versatile and you can use it for so many other costumes as well—if superheroes aren’t your thing, try incorporating it into a masquerade ball costume!


If you’re still a bit stumped for your Halloween garb, I’d recommend one of the old classic standby costumes with a unique crocheted twist! Red Heart has a free pattern section that is absolutely brimming with excellent ideas for some timeless Halloween faves. They provide the perfect base to your costume, and you can add your own accessories for a unique twist! I picked a few of my favorites from the bunch:


  1. Halloween Wench from Red Heart
  2. Vampire Cape from Red Heart

Of course we can’t help but include a dash of Bonita goodness in all of this fun Halloween planning. Our talented client Charlotte Johnson shared some of her amazing work on our Facebook page. Charlotte made our Crocodile Hooded Cape along with some matching Crocodile Wristwarmers in a gorgeous red color that would make a perfect Red Riding Hood outfit! Thank you so much for sharing your creation, Charlotte! We loved hearing from you!


A bunch of you have already started following along with us over on Pinterest, but in case you haven’t, please check us out! I’m working on a super not-spooky Halloween DIY board with a ton of cute crochet projects to try out! Let me know what you think!

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