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Crocodile Stitch Khaleesi Fingerless Gloves – Part Two

Posted by Lianka Azulay on


If you are a Game of Thrones lover, you’ll understand why I named these gloves after the “Khaleesi.”  If not, don’t worry, it took me quite  while to get into HBO’s “Game of Thrones” craze, (which I later learned  was based on a fantasy book series, which I didn’t read. I’m not hip enough, I guess

Pop culture can be so oppressive these days; seems like it makes me feel either like a trendsetter, or way behind everyone else, with no middle ground, and  more often the latter than the former.   In short, in fashion and fad I always feel like I’m off the mark, one way or the other– either too far ahead of the game, or lagging way behind.

So, I eventually I just decided to create things that I love, that I feel are unique, beautiful, and make me personally proud, without getting obsessed with following current trends.  The flip side of that coin being that I won’t spend energy trying to deliberately avoid current trends either. Either of those paths– trying to fit expectations of pop culture, or trying to avoid them–really just fetters one’s creativity.

So, it turned out my mom was right.  When I was figuring out a career path as a teen, my mom said to me, “Do what you love, and success will follow.” I wish I had taken that more to heart back in Junior High.  Because, If I had followed her advice starting then,  I’d have just crocheted all along, and I might have avoided the cost and effort and stress of four years of undergrad Journalism school and another three years of grad school in Public Administration.  And that’s not counting the years in between undergrad and grad, working extremely un-fun jobs,  oh dear!  Where might my crochet  and design skills be now?

But, through all those years, beating my brains out to acquire titles, degrees and accolades while having  little or no fun, the one thing I loved and kept me going was crochet.  I’m proud to have achieved those titles and degrees, but sometimes I wish I had save myself the hurdles of those “real world career” goals,  and just kept on having fun crocheting…

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